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As many of my friends will know, I try and keep a clean life in our home. This goes with food, cleaning products and of course our beauty products. Tropic-logo-new-resize

Last month I decided to join the tropic team. Here is why…

Tropic is a company owned by the founder and product creator Susan Ma and Lord Alan Sugar, who snapped it off the apprentice line up in 2010.

Susan create all the products herself. She doesn’t use harmful chemicals and puts so much research into each and every ingredient and product, the she only supplies the best and most nature ingredients she can. There’s no testing on animals and all products are suitable for vegans.

I can bore you with case studies and personal experiences about all the products available. If you have ‘funny’ skin then you must try tropic. Products are all great value for money and I bet I can find a product that you will love.

I also use products on my boys. Because there are no nasties in them they are safe. Did you know that children’s skin absorbs 90% of what products you use, straight into their blood stream? I don’t want any nasties in my boys bodies thank you.

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